Speaking at Wikileaks forum at NSW Parliament – September, 2012

On September 11, I was fortunate to be invited to speak at a forum on Wikileaks sponsored by the NSW Greens and supported by the Stop the War Coalition. Here a video of the speech. The event was Chaired by … Continue reading

Effective media accountability does not have to threaten journalists’ independence

Journalists, especially those from News Ltd, and right wing commentators promote the illusion that the Australian Gillard Labor government is threatening to ‘regulate’ the media in response to rigorous scrutiny of its performance.  It has even been suggested that the … Continue reading

Media Report interviews me about leaving full-time employment as a journalism academic at UTS

Richard Adey from the ABC Radio National’s Media Report interviewed me last week about leaving UTS after 21 years. Here are a few links relevant to some points in the interview. Not getting admitted to practice law Here is an … Continue reading

Role for government in protecting independent journalism ?

I was asked to submit 400 words to the Sydney Morning Herald as part of regular feature which puts the same question to four people. I was the ‘academic”, The question was: Should governments protect independent journalism? Here is my … Continue reading

How powerful media players cry ‘censorship’ to fight off accountability

There is a long tradition of media owners in Australia invoking press freedom to trump calls for frameworks to ensure accountability and ethical behaviour, especially at News Ltd. There are two main ways of thinking about freedom of expression in … Continue reading