Coverage of phone hacking scandal – a litmus test for News Ltd

This week, Jenna Price and I published a small Australian Centre for Independent Journalism study on the coverage of the phone hacking scandal in Australia on The Conversation a new publishing venture from the Australian university and research sector. We … Continue reading

Questions for the CEO of News Ltd – they remain unanswered.

As the phone hacking scandal blew up in Australia where News Corporation controls 70% of the metropolitan audience in the most concentrated media in the developed world, News Ltd CEO John Hartigan assured the public that nothing so heinous as … Continue reading

How powerful media players cry ‘censorship’ to fight off accountability

There is a long tradition of media owners in Australia invoking press freedom to trump calls for frameworks to ensure accountability and ethical behaviour, especially at News Ltd. There are two main ways of thinking about freedom of expression in … Continue reading

Why News needs Regulation?

Today I published a piece on News Corporation, phone hacking and implications for Australia. I was surprised by how easily commentators and reporters in Australia were prepared to accept that the key issue for us is whether phone hacking actually … Continue reading