Packer and Sinodinos – an intriguing Rockpool lunch

There’s a small issue that has been niggling at me all week. It’s about Sinodinos and Packer. It was December 2011 and the scene was Sydney’s high class Rockpool restaurant. Senator Arthur Sinodinos and casino tycoon James Packer were having … Continue reading

Thousands march against Abbott government in regional centres around Australia

Nearly10,000 protestors gathered in regional city centres around Australia today for marches against Abbott government policies which organisers say lack ‘decency , transparency and accountability’. The largest crowd gathered in Lismore where somewhere between 5000 and 7000 people filled a … Continue reading

News on Roseanne Beckett petition & Questions for NSW Government

Last week I published a story which laid out the terrible conspiracy by NSW police and Crown witnesses that led to Roseanne Beckett (Catt) spending ten years in prison for crimes she did not committ. The Crown and the NSW … Continue reading

Gillard should forget minders and listen to Carlton

I’m a fan of Michael Carlton‘s who writes the backpage on Fairfax’s weekend NewsReview. Last weekend, he tackled the ‘farce of the mining tax’, the latest sympton of what he calls Labor’s ‘terminal disease.’ Vintage Carlton. But then came the … Continue reading