Woollahra Council to deal with controversial development decision tonight

Property developer Christian Sanchez went on the attack last Wednesday morning by barricading part of a small street in Paddington with a notice _ Keep off Private Property. It was a sign that pressure is building as Woollahra Council prepares … Continue reading

Top bureaucrat to review Crown land decision – and some very surprising answers

Part 4 This is the fourth part of my Paddington Bowling Club series. Soon I’ll complete my investigation into the Club (PBC) and the controversial land deal but in the meantime, there has been some good news. As I reported … Continue reading

How did valuable public land end up in developer’s hands? Minister Stoner reviews the deal

This is Part three in my series about the Paddington Bowling Club. Part one provided an overview of the story about how a valuable publicly owned club site ended up in the hands of Christian Sanchez’s CSKS Holdings. Part two focused on an … Continue reading

Thousands march against Abbott government in regional centres around Australia

Nearly10,000 protestors gathered in regional city centres around Australia today for marches against Abbott government policies which organisers say lack ‘decency , transparency and accountability’. The largest crowd gathered in Lismore where somewhere between 5000 and 7000 people filled a … Continue reading

Paddo Bowls Inquiry 2008 – First media report 2014

In Part One of this series, I gave readers an overview of my investigation into how the NSW government handed over Crown land to developer CSKS Holdings and updated readers on questions asked by Sydney MP Alex Greenwich and Greens … Continue reading

How Developers took over Prime Crown Land in Paddington

This story includes Part One of my Paddington Bowling Club series. It was first published in New Matilda, a non profit independent media outlet of the sort that is so badly needed in Australia. Tomorrow, I will publish Part two in this … Continue reading