A witness who is expected to give evidence at the inquiry into the convictions of Roseanne Catt heard gunshots outside her house on Saturday morning, a Sydney nun said yesterday.

Sister Claudette Palmer, who is supporting Ms Catt during the inquiry, said she received a phone call from Wingham cattle farmer Patricia Roy on Saturday morning reporting that she had heard shots fired on her property about 2am that morning.

"She is terrified and believes she is going to be killed," Sister Claudette said. The Herald has been unable to contact Ms Roy about the incident.

Ms Catt, pictured, served 10 years of a 12-year sentence for assaulting, stabbing, threatening to kill and attempting to poison her husband. She was released in 2001 after the NSW Attorney-General, Bob Debus, asked the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal to examine fresh evidence.

The inquiry heard evidence last week that Ms Roy had taken out an apprehended violence order against Ms Catt's ex-husband, Barry Catt (pictured) in January, alleging that he had made 80 phone calls to her in three days and had stalked her for two years.

Mr Catt agreed that the court action had been taken but said Ms Roy would regret taking action against him and would lose "credibility" in Taree.

Another defence witness, Graham Fellows, said he had left Taree after receiving verbal threats last week.

Giving evidence last week, Mr Catt denied that he and another man had assaulted Mr Fellows several years ago. Mr Fellows said he was prepared to give evidence at the inquiry but "I have left Taree for my own safety".

Last year, Mr Fellows gave the Herald a bullet he said had been given to him by two men in Taree after he agreed to give evidence in the inquiry.

The Herald gave the bullet to NSW Police, who are investigating his allegations of assaults and threats.

Ms Catt's solicitor, Kevin Rogers, has previously reported threats to witnesses in the case to police.

Her barrister, Andrew Martin, told acting judge Thomas Davidson last week that one of Ms Catt's car tyres had been slashed outside the house where she was staying last week.

Sister Claudette said: "I'm appalled by the lack of protection for witnesses in this case. Surely people should not have to place their lives on the line to see justice done."

The Catt inquiry continues this week.

Originally published in the Sydney Morning Herald.