On April 20, the Sydney Morning Herald's Alexandra Smith took up the Keep Carmel campaign twitter story .

Keeling had told the ACIJ's  Nicole Gooch that the job was time consuming. Planning began late in 2010 and was "full time" during the campaign. This issue is that donations in kind, can only be $1000 if advertising and $2000 otherwise.

The SMH reported: "But the Greens maintain that there was no way the service provided to Ms Tebbutt could have cost less than $1000 and they have referred the matter to the NSW Electoral Funding Authority.

''If One Small Planet was not paid then the work behind the tweets was a donation and Labor's Marrickville campaign has broken the law designed to create fairer elections,'' the Greens MP John Kaye said."

A spokesperson for NSW ALP says the campaign was valued at  $1000.

The Greens' John Kaye has also put out a media release saying that a complaint would be lodged.