Selling NSW - Berejiklian Style

Yesterday, Altmedia, the independent local news site for Inner Sydney, published this story about Selling NSW. Premier Gladys Berejiklian had told the SMH that it would be seen as 'political' if she asked Infrastructure NSW to halt the demolition of the Sydney Stadium until the election. I wrote this piece in response. It challenges the idea of what is 'political' through a discussion of the LNP's privatisation agenda from outsourcing busking licenses to the Sydney Stadium and WestConnex. It mentions a number of Lendlease projects and its major projects director, Jason De Sousa, who used to work in the ex-Minister for Roads Duncan Gay's office. It finished by asking whether Labor's policy of not even being prepared to cost WestConnex contracts also downplays the role that government can play, even when contracts are signed.

Selling NSW - Berejiklian style

Abortion - IT'S TIME

I wrote this piece which was also published by Altmedia on International Women's Day. It's embarrassing that NSW is now the only state where abortion remains in the Crimes Act. It's time for change! It is disappointing that because of the opposition of big Labor donors including the union of retail workers SDA NSW Labor has not adopted decriminalisation as a policy. Although many Labor women are strongly in favour of reform, the party will only support a conscience vote.

Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi was the first parliamentarian to move to decriminalise abortion in NSW. The Greens are committed to moving another bill or there will be a cross-party private members' bill in the next parliament. I know that Sydney MP Alex Greenwich is a strong supporter.

In this piece, I began by writing about my own personal experiences of abortion in the 1970s.

Stop Tolls Banners reach an audience of hundreds of thousands - 2018/2019

For a year, anti-WestConnex campaigners have been hanging well designed anti-toll banners off Sydney's M4 and M5, once a week in the morning. These banners also raise the issue of the role of big bank and industry superfunds in WestConnex.

This week, they released this video. It's voiced by Chris Nash, my partner.

Here is a link to utube if you prefer it.